Adding MathJax to your Ghost blog

To display mathematics within your blog posts you can easily add MathJax to Ghost. MathJax uses javascript to process LaTeX, MathML, or AsciiMath notation as HTML, SVG or MathML equations within your blog. There are two possible ways to include MathJax with your blog, the easiest being through Code Injection. Adding MathJax using Code Injection… Read More

How to add a favicon to your ghost blog

A favicon is an icon associated with a URL that is displayed usually within a browser's address bar or next to the site name within a bookmark list. To add a favicon to your blog, you'll need to follow the steps below. Note: This tutorial assumes that you already have access to an HTML editor… Read More

How to add Swiftype search to your Ghost blog

Note: You will need to edit your theme files to add Swiftype. If you're not familiar with how to edit your theme, please see our guide on making theme edits here. Creating an account To add Swiftype to your Ghost blog you will first need to register an account with Swiftype. Once your account has… Read More

How do I add Google+ commenting to my Ghost blog?

The following guide outlines how to add Google+ commenting to your Ghost blog. Add the Google+ comments script to your post.hbs file To add Google+ commenting to your blog, you will need to open your post.hbs file, and paste in the following code below, anywhere after the {{content}}, but before the closing {{/post}… Read More

How to update your theme to be forwards-compatible

How to Update Your Theme to be Forwards-Compatible If you make and distribute themes for Ghost that depend on jQuery to function, you'll need to update them so that they become forwards compatible. There is no harm in including jQuery twice (beyond the waste of resources), but it is possible to conditionally load jQuery if… Read More