Adding MathJax to your Ghost blog

To display mathematics within your blog posts you can easily add MathJax to Ghost. MathJax uses javascript to process LaTeX, MathML, or AsciiMath notation as HTML, SVG or MathML equations within your blog. There are two possible ways to include MathJax with your blog, the easiest being through Code Injection. Adding MathJax using Code Injection… Read More

Setting up a Slack integration with Ghost

Since the launch of Ghost 0.8, you can now hook your blog up to Slack - this is the first of hopefully many more integrations to come. This integration in particular is perfect for teams who want to automatically notify specific Slack channels of new content posted to their blog. Note:The Slack integration… Read More

How to add and display Facebook and Twitter URLs

With the release of Ghost 0.8, you can include your Facebook Page URL as well as your Twitter Profile link within your blog settings. This tutorial will walk you through how to add each link to your settings, as well as how to display each link within your theme. Update your blog settings To… Read More

Migrating to Ghost from WordPress

Moving to Ghost from WordPress? You can easily import your posts directly into Ghost with a little help from a plugin we've designed specifically for this purpose. Follow along with this guide to get started! Navigate to your Plugins section. To begin, log in to your WordPress site, and click on "Plugins" from your main… Read More