How to add Swiftype search to your Ghost blog

Note: You will need to edit your theme files to add Swiftype. If you're not familiar with how to edit your theme, please see our guide on making theme edits here. Creating an account To add Swiftype to your Ghost blog you will first need to register an account with Swiftype. Once your account has… Read More

How do I submit my sitemap to Google?

Ghost blogs come with built-in support for sitemaps. You can access your sitemap by going to This sitemap can be submitted to Google using Google Webmaster Tools. To submit your sitemap to Google, please follow the steps below. Create a Google Webmaster Tools account If you do not already have… Read More

How to add GoSquared Analytics to your blog

Adding GoSquared to your Ghost blog You can quickly and easily add in a GoSquared Analytics in the same way you would add Google Analytics to your Ghost blog - by using code injection. If you do not already have a GoSquared account, you can sign up for their free account here. Once your account… Read More

How to install Google Analytics on your Ghost blog

Where do your visitors come from? Have they been on your blog before? How long do they stay? These are all questions that can easily be answered through the use of Google Analytics. Google Analytics lets you do more than just see how many people have visited your blog, it provides you with valuable insights… Read More