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How to setup FundaMine with Ghost

FundaMine offers an alternative to traditional commenting services by allowing you to setup inline comments on your Ghost blog.

To get started, head over to the FundaMine and enter your email address and click Get Code Snippet.

Next, copy and paste the snippet of code that is displayed after entering your email.

Once you've got the code copied, head over to the Code Injection settings within your blog's admin area.

Paste your code snippet into either the Blog Header or Blog Footer field and save your settings.

To activate FundaMine, you will need to check your email for a message from FundaMine asking which URL to activate the service on (the email should come shortly after signing up). Once you've provided them with a URL, they will activate the service and provide you with your admin access to the service.

If all goes as planned, your blog should now have the ability to accept inline comments!